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Goose liver paté
Recipe type: Main courses, Poultry, Snacks, Offal

Stuffed jalapenos
Recipe type: Appetizers, Pork, Vegetables, Snacks

Fried stuffed olives
Recipe type: Appetizers, Vegetarian Food, Vegetables, Snacks

Asparagus omelette
Recipe type: Main courses, Vegetarian Food, Vegetables, Snacks

Pecan toasts with caramel sauce
Recipe type: Snacks, Desserts

Roastbeef rolls
Recipe type: Appetizers, Beef, Snacks

Submarine sandwich
Recipe type: Main courses, Poultry, Savory pastries, Snacks

Club sandwiches
Recipe type: Savory pastries, Snacks

Ciabatta steak sandwiches
Recipe type: Main courses, Beef, Snacks

Chicken sushi
Recipe type: Main courses, Poultry, Snacks

Pancakes with spinach filling and lemon sauce
Recipe type: Main courses, Pork, Vegetables, Snacks, Mushrooms

Mushroom toasts with ricotta
Recipe type: Vegetarian Food, Snacks, Mushrooms

Triple layer sandwich
Recipe type: Snacks

Bread machine breadsticks
Recipe type: Side dishes, Savory pastries, Snacks, Bread machine

Mince pies
Recipe type: Main courses, Beef, Pork, Snacks

Baked toasts with onions and bacon
Recipe type: Pork, Vegetables, Savory pastries, Snacks

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