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Feta cheese stuffed peppers
Recipe type: Main courses, Appetizers, Vegetarian Food, Vegetables

Chinese noodles with crispy bacon
Recipe type: Appetizers

Prawns with vegetable and roasted walnuts
Recipe type: Main courses, Appetizers, Sea food

Smoked turkey and apricot canapé
Recipe type: Appetizers, Poultry, Fruits

Fried stuffed olives
Recipe type: Appetizers, Vegetarian Food, Vegetables, Snacks

Tomatoes stuffed with bacon and pepper
Recipe type: Appetizers, Pork, Vegetables

Jalapeño popper - stuffed jalapeños in bacon wrap
Recipe type: Appetizers, Vegetables

Pork spring rolls
Recipe type: Main courses, Appetizers, Pork, Vegetables, Savory pastries

Roastbeef rolls
Recipe type: Appetizers, Beef, Snacks

Stuffed jalapenos
Recipe type: Appetizers, Pork, Vegetables, Snacks

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